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So what is electronic music all about?

electronic music

Those who haven’t dipped into the electronic music scene might not wonder what all the hype is about. What’s so great about EDM that makes thousands of people cram together and dance like there’s no tomorrow?

Why do DJs get so much love and respect if they just sit there pushing buttons?

From the outside, it might seem like a big fad. It might also seem like there’s no value in this kind of music unless you’re trying to work out or study with a little musical motivation in the background. 

We’re going to look at the value of electronic music today, giving you a little idea of why it might be more than it seems. 

Why Do People Like Electronic Music?

First things first, people just like what they like. 

You might not enjoy electronic music because it doesn’t align with your tastes, and that’s okay. On the other hand, there are millions of people who love electronic music, and that’s their prerogative. 

Nobody is “right,” everybody just has their own tastes. 

That said, a closer look at electronic music shows us that it isn’t just a matter of pushing a button and letting the tape roll. The technology used to create electronic music is sophisticated, difficult to operate, and functions in real-time. 

DJs are working with finer sound points to produce different soundscapes, atmospheres, energies, and feelings. Many producers use samples and records from other artists, but how they introduce those snippets to their own music reinvents whatever that sound was before. 

They also do this on the fly, creating spontaneous art in front of a live audience of people dancing in many cases. So, a soundboard is just as much of an instrument as anything else. 

The Culture

Another massive draw for electronic music is the long history and the vibrant culture that’s emerged from that history. 

Modern DJs play to massive audiences and have enormous online followings. That audience comprises a community that has evolved from a relatively underground scene that sprouted from bedrooms, basements, and dingy backroom clubs. 

Individuals who are drawn to EDM, party, and dance music tend to be open-minded and interested in the idea of having an excellent time. That might sound like a subjective statement, but try visiting an electronic show and looking at the majority of the crowd. 

These gatherings are an opportunity to let go, enjoy an exciting and nuanced form of music, and do all of this with the people they love. 

It’s also important to note that the culture of electronic music has produced a lot of genius. The absence of physical instruments reduces the limitations that an artist might have, allowing them to spread their creation out into unexplored territories. 

Want to Learn More About EDM?

So, it seems that electronic music isn’t just a matter of pushing a button or two. It’s an art form with millions of participants and a massive culture surrounding it. 

There’s much more to learn about EDM music and its long history, though, and we’re here to help. Explore our site for more ideas on electronic music, opportunities to get involved, and more. 


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