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Men’s Style Guide To Looking Rich (That Have Nothing To Do With Expensive Clothing)

How can you tell a guy is wealthy without actually knowing it? Of course, the first thing you’ll look at is his clothing. Whether he’s wearing a full-body suit and tie and a golden wristwatch or he’s in a simple, sleek slim-fit tee and jeans, you can sense a classy, powerful man that’s heavy on financial weight based on how he presents himself. 

And let’s be brutally honest here: guys who look more prominent, knowledgeable, and affluent get better treatment in general. In the workplace. In a restaurant or cafe. In the shopping mall. Even in dating apps. Life is unfair, but can you compete? 

You don’t need to be a CEO or own a luxury car to look rich. All you need to do is to shop smart. And oh, you don’t need to max out your credit card to buy overpriced designer menswear. We’ve got a handful of secrets to dress smart and look like a millionaire without going overboard. 

Get the fit right 

Perfect fit sets rich men apart visibly from any average Joe. They can afford to hire a tailor and wear bespoke, made-to-measure clothing. If you’re shopping mid-range, RTW clothing, you’re going to need a fine eye to nail the fit, plus insider knowledge on the top places to shop. 

As for suits and formal wear, you can find an affordable yet reliable local tailor who can alter one or two of your favorite suits. 

Aim for classy and timeless

Men who try so hard to look rich tend to wear overly flashy clothes. Sometimes they wear men’s ties inappropriately. On the other hand, wealthy people who don’t need to prove themselves opt for classic pieces. 

Build your wardrobe around minimalist, timeless clothing. Opt for neutral tones such as white, black, gray, navy, army green, and tan. To pull off a sophisticated look, you should have at least one white tee, a high-quality polo shirt, a button-down or dress shirt, a pullover sweater, khaki pants, and a nice jacket or blazer for layering.

Say no to the blatant display of brand names.

Brand names carry a certain prestige, but they can backfire if you don’t play your cards right. Avoid having large, obvious logos and brand names on your clothing, which can cheapen the overall look. If you’re going to wear branded clothing, pick the ones with subtle branding. 

For accessories, less is more.

To wear kilograms of shiny jewelry pieces to display wealth and social rank is so in the 1800s. You don’t need to put a ring on each finger to prove that you can afford them. Not only they’ll make you seem like you’re bragging and being pretentious— they’ll also make you a potential target of thieves. 

You only need three to exude the rich guy vibes:

A sleek watch. A well-crafted leather bag. A belt that matches the color of your shoes. 

Invest in bag and shoes

It’s okay if the rest of your wardrobe is unbranded and low-priced. Just nail the fit and ensure the quality of fabrics, and you’re good to go. But it’s different when it comes to your bag and shoes. It’s better to own only a few well-crafted and high-quality footwear and bags than own tons of flimsy ones that are easily torn and worn. 

Pay attention to the small details. 

The details that set bespoke men’s shirts apart from the cheap ones are less likely to be seen at first glance. However, they do make a big difference if you take a closer look. 

The secret to looking like you’re wearing an expensive garment lies in these small details: 

Fabric drape

Drape refers to how the fabric hangs off the body. High-quality fabrics tend to be more supple, providing structure to your body without hanging stiffly. Cheap ones tend to hang stiffly, causing ugly wrinkling as you move. 

Fabric sheen 

How “shiny” are the fibers of the fabric? High-quality fabrics tend to have a low sheen unless you’re going for silk. Cheap fabrics like polyester, however, are always high-sheen.


Replace your plastic buttons with mother of pearl buttons or horn buttons. Look for dress shirts with French cuffs. As for zippers, opt for reliable brands with smooth pull and firm hold, like YKK. These small details can pack a considerable punch. 

When in doubt, try these tried and tested combos.

Still have got no expertise to mix and match? Try this no-brainer “I’m a CEO living in a penthouse” style ideas:

  • Turtleneck + suit 
  • White sports shirt + blazer + dark wash denim + sunglasses
  • Polo shirt with subtle branding + khaki pants
  • All-white or all-black suit
  • White button-down + belt + brogues 

Elevate your grooming game

No thousand-dollar suit can make you look attractive and well-mannered more than grooming. 

Firstly, style your hair and beard. While there’s no such thing as a universal “rich man’s hairstyle,” a good pomade is a not-so-secret weapon to better hair. Tame your beard, too, and give it a less frizzy look. 

Next, pay attention to your skincare routine. Rich guys have super-smooth, blemish-free skin. Lastly, spritz some fragrance that smells expensive. 

The goal is not to display sparkling pieces of jewelry or even splurge on branded clothes you can’t afford to prove the weight of your bank account. It’s all about paying attention to details and carefully layering tasteful pieces to look like the classiest, most polished version of yourself. 

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