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5 Foods You Should Avoid If You Want Six Pack Abs

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Who does not want toned flat abs? This is almost everyone’s goal whenever they hit the gym. In as much as exercises can help you tone your six packs, it is not always a guarantee that they’ll get you chiseled. As a matter of fact, you can do plenty of exercises without getting the abs that you’ve been yearning for. For you to be able to see a definitive change and have the privilege of enjoying toned six pack abs, your abdominal muscles to be close to your skin. This is only possible if you are able to eliminate any layers of fat lying underneath your stomach muscles. Exercises can help to some degree but also need to mind what you are eating. These foods can come in between you and your six pack abs goals.

  • Fatty foods

Try as much as possible to avoid eating fatty foods because they can set your back and prevent you from progressing. We all know that fats are a necessity in our diets therefore avoiding them is not an obvious option. The key here is to try and regulate the amount of our fat intake and focus on taking just the right amount of and the right kind of fat. Ingesting the wrong quantities and type of fats leads to the fat being stored in your body as opposed to it being burned for energy.

  • Refined grains

This is mostly found in foods such as white rice, white bread and white pasts. The moment you start taking refined stuff you pose a risk to your health. You need to consider taking unrefined foods such as whole wheat and brown rice if you are looking to tone up your six packs. This is also recommended as it is a healthier way of dieting.

  • Potato products

Potato products have been identified as a major cause of weight gain. To be on the safer side, you want to try as much as possible to cut down on the amount of potato products you take and this include potato chips.

  • Frosting

Most store bought frosting do contain a lot of not so very healthy stuff which can draw you away from accomplishing your set objectives. Foods such as cupcakes, baked goods, frozen pizzas and snack foods should be avoided at all cost. This can explain why the FDA decide to declare war on trans fats. Individual taking trans fats are at higher risk of gaining weight when compared to individuals on unsaturated fats.

  • Diet soda

Do not be fooled by the zero-calorie label. The fact that sodas are made using sugar substitutes as one of the ingredients means that do play apart in your weight gain. Studies have shown that people who are used to taking diet soda are at a higher risk of gaining more abdominal fat when compared to those who did not drink it. If you are after cutting on that extra flab, diet soda is the last thing you need to be taking.